10/1/14: EPFL news story on metamaterials

30/1/14: Patent application being considered

01/2/14: SCITAS goes live

19/2/14: SCITAS in FLASH

01/3/14: Jens Zudrop visits for 2 months

19/3/14: Introduction of SCITAS

19/03/14: Interview with Prof Hesthaven

28/03/14: Prof Hesthaven elected SIAM Fellow

01/09/14: Welcome to Babak Maboudi as new PhD student

01/09/14: Welcome to Paolo Gatto as new postdoctoral fellow

01/09/14: Khemraj Shukla visiting as PhD student for 9 months


04/05/15: Boris Bonev visiting as MSc student for 6 months

15/07/15: Congratulations to Caterina BigoniManuel Schmid, and Marco Sutti for successful MSc studies

01/08/15: New bookCertified reduced basis methods for partial differential equations.

15/10/15: EPFL student chapter of SIAM approved and established

01/12/15: New bookSpectral and high-order methods for partial differential equations ICOSAHOM 2014


01/01/16:  Welcome to Caterina Bigoni as a new PhD student. 

01/08/16: Congratulations to Seif Ben Bader, Kilian Thomas and Stefano Guarino for having completed their MSc with great results.


11/1/17: Professor Hesthaven appointed Dean of Basic Sciences at EPFL

1/2/17: Welcome to Boris Bonev as a new PhD student.

15/2/17: Congratulations to Bozorgmehr Aminian and Dario Marvin for having successfully completed their MSc thesis with excellent results

20/2/17: Welcome to Stefano Ubbiali and Nicolo Rapamonti as new MSc students.

1/7/17: Welcome to Deep Ray as a new postdoctoral researcher.

27/7/17: Congratulations to Stefano Ubbiali for having completed his MSc thesis with excellent results and been awarded the first dual EPFL-Politechnico Milan degree.

1/9/17: Welcome to Mengwu Guo as a new postdoctoral researcher

1/9/17: Welcome to Mahya Hajihassanpour as a visiting student from Sharif University (Iran) for 6 months.